Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today was great!  Class started at 9:30, which was nice.  So I got to sleep in. :)  We had training in door-to-door stuff mainly.  After lunch, we had a little more practice and we were assigned our partners.  My partner is Hahna.  Michelle said that these are tentative partners at the moment.  It depends how the first little bit goes.  If there's lots of arguments and bruises at the end of the day, they'll rearrange some of the teams.  But the first day went alright. =P

After we went door-to-door, where Hahna and I got 4 Bible Studies scheduled for next week, we met back here at the college for testimonies and sharing.  Then we all went downtown for pizza. :)  Then I came back into my room and called Mom and Dad and talked with them for awhile.  So that was really nice. :)  And then I went up to Ryan's room for awhile, then there was a hall worship at 10:00.  And now I'm getting ready for bed. :)  So have a great night!

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