Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Post

Hello all!

I guess this is my first post on this blog...  Just as an introduction, I decided that I would keep an online "diary" while I'm away from home for two reasons.  Number one, so family can keep up with what I'm doing and number two, so that other people can also see what I'm up to if they're interested.

Today went well.  I spent the morning bringing stuff into Schwarzer's house and getting somewhat settled.  So my car is nearly empty again. :)  Then I left here soon after 12 to head to Southern to take my ACT.  That was a long test, but it went well.  There were actually 31 of us taking the test, and the instructors were saying they didn't remember ever having that many people on one day.  So it was kind of amazing.

After I finished that, I came back and Aunt Leslie fixed rice and beans for supper.  That was good, because I hadn't had lunch.  I ate breakfast around 9, so I wasn't hungry before I left for my test.  So anyway...  After we finished supper, we visited a little, then we watched the first episode of the "Road to Avonlea" television series.  I really have no idea why we did that, because now I'm just going to HAVE to watch the rest of the series!  How I'm going to watch 70 hours is beyond me...  I guess I have 3 years to do it in. =P

Anyway, then I got on the computer and got distracted watching Brad Paisley songs and stuff...  But I am now off to sleep, so have a good night all and I will post again soon!

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