Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today was a wonderful day!  I went to the Chattanooga 1st SDA Church this morning.  Sabbath School was pretty good and church was really good as well.  The special musics were amazing!  And the Summer of Evangelism students graduated.  I got to take pictures. :)  I'll post them soon hopefully...  Oh yeah, and then potluck was amazing!

After I got back, I laid on my bed and watched "Grace Card", which was absolutely amazing and powerful!  Definitely one of my favorites. :)  By then, it was nearly time to head to a concert Aunt Leslie wanted to go to.  So we went to the Athens SDA Church for that.  It was a bluegrass group called Higher Calling, and I really enjoyed their concert!  And yes, I did get a CD. :)

But anyway, then we came home and watched another episode of Avonlea, which was really good.  And now I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow's a big day.  I'm moving into the dorm...  So yeah.  Goodnight!

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