Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Night

Today was another full day of orientation.  It started at 9:00, and we just had classes in the girls' dorm chapel all day until nearly 5:30.  Then Dwain and I ran off for two Bible Studies this evening.  They went very well!  I led them, so they were my first ones.  But I felt they went alright. :)

After we got back (about 8:30), I went up to Ryan's room and DeWayne met us there.  So we had another popcorn eating session while we discussed various topics.  Then we had our dorm orientation at 10:00, and after that Ryan, his roommate Christian, DeWayne and I ended the evening on our knees pleading for the Holy Spirit to fill this campus.  It is definitely the start of a great year!

I also got the job of leading song service for morning worships Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so that's nice.  It only pays $3.62 a worship, but that's not why I'm doing it. =P  So I'm looking forward to starting that this next Tuesday...

Have a great night!

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