Thursday, August 25, 2011

First day of School!!!

Today was my first day of actual classes!!!  It was SO exciting!  And wonderful!  And everything else! :)  I still can't believe I'm actually here...

But anyway, I had worship at 8:30 with Dr. Parker.  It was very powerful.  He talked about the cross, and that we each needed to count the cost before choosing to continue with Christianity or this SALT program.  And then at Convocation, Dr. Bietz had an almost identical message!  It was incredible.  He was talking about making a difference, and how we needed to be willing to suffer the cross.  And they both used Bonhoeffer as an example...  So that was interesting.

I had several classes today, one by Michelle, one by Dr. Carlos Martin, and one by Joe Reeves.  Very good.  I'm really going to enjoy this!

Joe and I went on one Bible Study this afternoon, but the person wasn't home. :(  So oh well.  We left a note.  And then we had the welcome party at 7:00.  Each department had their own party, and the religion department had theirs on the front porch of Hackman Hall.  Dr. Klingbeil gave the message on people who were willing to look like fools for Jesus.  And we did an ice breaker 20 question game and had banana splits.  So that was nice. :)

Then Ryan and DeWayne came over to my room and we discussed prerequisites for divorce. (Yeah, a great topic for bachelors to discuss =P)  And we had chips and salsa and, of course, popcorn.  So they just left, and I'm getting ready for bed.  So good night! :)

PS:  Pictures in the next post...

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