Saturday, August 27, 2011


Another wonderful Sabbath!  We went to church this morning at DeWayne's church, which is Apison SDA Church.  It was really nice.  And we even got back to campus in time to eat at the cafeteria before it closed. :)  In the afternoon, the three of us plus a girl we met at lunch, Tiffany, walked some of the biology trails.  That was a lot of fun.  We walked quite a bit, but I think nearly half of our time was spent sitting in a circle at the intersection of several trails discussing miracles that have happened in our lives as well as parts of the book "True Revival" by E.G. White.  So that was really nice.  Evensong was at 7:30, so DeWayne, Ryan and I went to that. (Tiffany went home after supper...)  Then we went back to Ryan's room for awhile, and then we went over to the Sabbath School teacher's home where we had some food and talked about true revival and the need for a personal walk with Jesus.  There was a lot of food for thought...  But anyway, we just got in and it's after midnight, so I am off to sleep.  A long day tomorrow, with outreach in the afternoon...  Goodnight!

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