Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30

Today was very busy, but a lot of fun!  It started at 5:30, when I got up to read two chapters in Dr. Samaan's book "Christ's Way of Reaching People".  That was really good.  Then I ate breakfast at 6:30 when the caf opened.  After that, I met the pianist, Emil, at 7 and we picked out the songs for worship.  He played piano last year too, so at least he knew what was supposed to happen. =P  Worship was at 7:30, then I had Hebrew lab at 8:00.  After that I had the last bit of worship with the SALT team, then several classes.  At 11:00 I had to take 3 tests for Theology degree entrance, so that took me until 12:30.  I ran over and ate lunch then, and rushed back into Hackman for my 1:00 class with Dr. Martin.  At 2:00, Joe started his outreach class, and shortly after that we all broke out for outreach.  Hahna and I started knocking on doors shortly after 3:30, and we worked until a quarter to 5, when we went to our first scheduled Bible study.  The lady was sick, so she hadn't studied the lesson yet, so we just visited with her for awhile.  Our next study was at 6, and that one went really well!  Ary ended up having class tonight, so she texted me asking to reschedule.  So that was our 7:00 study...  But we went back to our territory and knocked on doors for another 40 minutes.  So that way we still got our 4 hours in today. :)  And then we came back to campus.

I went to Ryan's room after I got back and spent quite a while sorting through surveys and putting all the Bible studies in my calendar.  We got 3 more scheduled today...  And we ate supper. :)  So that was good.  Anyway, I just finished my Hebrew reading assignment, and I'll read the one chapter out of Case for Faith in the morning.  So I'm off to sleep!

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