Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, today has been a typical Wednesday.  Sort of.  It's been really good, though.  It started with the SALT breakfast this morning at 7:00.  Deborah led out and we talked about the Law of Initiation.  How leaders have to react to things and initiate responses.  Then I had Hebrew class at 8:00.  That was fun.  When I got finished with that, I went over to the bank on campus and opened an account so I could deposit the checks I had gotten for fuel from the church into it.  That took a lot of my morning, but it was something that had to be done.  At 11:00 I had Fitness for Life class and today we could do anything we wanted to for 30 minutes!  So a bunch of us decided to play Ultimate Frisbee.  That was SO much fun!  I definitely need to play more often...  Then I had speech class.  One of the speeches today was given by one of the girls about women's ordination.  We've been doing persuasive speeches the last few class periods, and this is definitely a speech I had been looking forward to.  She at least brought me up to a neutral position, I think, until I have the time to study it out further.  Yeah, a couple of the people in the class have picked very controversial topics.  Another one was abortion.  Anyway, but back to ordination, the Southern Union just voted on Monday that they would not ordain women and they would stand behind the decision of the General Conference, which I was very happy about.  If the General Conference decides something, I believe that the Unions need to abide by that.  Unfortunately, several of the other unions have not done the same as the Southern Union, but I'm glad our Union made the decision it did.  But as far as women's ordination, I definitely want to study that out more.

After speech class, I went and ate lunch with Seth.  Or rather, Mr. Popular.  We finish eating and we're trying to leave, and he decides he has to talk with someone for awhile on our way out.  After that, I start heading for the door of the cafe and Seth starts heading the opposite direction.  He had found someone else he wanted to talk to. lol  At least I saw Valerie sitting at the very back of the cafe, so I was able to visit with someone I knew. lol

We met Katie and Amy at 2:00 for racquet ball.  This was a rematch of our game last week.  Katie and Seth beat Amy and I pretty bad, so we wanted to prove we could win.  Well, we didn't exactly prove that, but we came close.  So there will be another rematch next week. lol

After that, I worked on more homework, then did some work before supper and prayer meeting at the church.  Then Katie and I did our weekly Bible study after that and now I am off to bed.  So goodnight! :)

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