Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Sabbath!

Today has been busy but good.  Hebrew class was spent in going over the results from the last test.  I got an 83%...  Next to the worst score I've gotten all semester...  Oh well.  Then I spent the next few hours working on my speech that I gave at 12:00.  Giving a speech with nearly no voice isn't exactly the best, but it worked.  I just wish I felt better...  Anyway, this afternoon I worked on Sabbath school for tomorrow.  How to Present Bible Studies...

Vespers this evening was the home show by Destiny Drama Association.  It was a play called "The Witness" and it was really good!  Talked about standing up for what is right no matter how many of your friends don't agree with you.  And then we had nachos in the guys' dorm afterwards.  But now I am off to bed.  I'm exhausted...  Goodnight! :)

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