Sunday, April 1, 2012

SMA Retreat!

Wow, the weekend was amazing!  Sorry I didn't post anything here, I didn't have cell service really and the internet was horrible in the cabins.  Anyway, Friday afternoon a whole bunch of us left for the Student Ministerial Association retreat to Cohutta Springs.  It was so much fun!  Friday night after supper Elder Ron Smith spoke for several hours.  On Sabbath, I had to come back to Chattanooga First for church, but then I rushed back out there in time to grab a bite to eat and then head out on a hike.  That was fun, then we went canoeing for awhile.  It was so nice to get back into a canoe again!  After that we spent several hours singing.  And whoever thinks that young people don't like singing hymns anymore should have stuck their head into the lodge yesterday afternoon.  There were a bunch of us young people with hymnals singing plain old hymns and having an epic time!  But maybe that's just a phenomenon that happens with the religion department at Southern. lol  After that, we had supper, a short vespers, and then we played all kinds of games.  Outside we played Man Hunt (in the dark, of course), which is sort of like hide and seek in teams...  It was quite epic!  Our team won. :)  Then we played Ninja and Mafia.  We got to bed by 11:00, then were back up in time for breakfast at 8:00.  And yes, I got up, packed, and loaded my car in 10 minutes and got to breakfast on time. =P  After breakfast I rushed back to campus for the SonRise walkthrough at 10:00, then worked on Hebrew homework for awhile with Kayla before the Home Show with the Gym Masters at 2:30.  That was incredible!  I decided that Caleb needs to get into gymnastics so he can join them when he gets here.  (And yes, Caleb, you'll probably end up here sooner or later =P)  But those guys are incredible!  There is this one guy that was insanely strong.  He would be sitting on the back of a chair, lay over backwards, then do sit-ups holding a girl who was standing on his hands.  Then later he was rolling on the ground balancing a girl from hand to hand as he was rolling and she was somehow keeping her balance.  But the part that reminded me of Caleb was the guy on the trapezoid.  He was doing all kinds of tricks on that thing.  Anyway, this evening I finished up my Hebrew homework, then put together a rough edit of the video footage I took over the weekend.  We'll see if I ever get something good enough to upload done...  But now I'm off to take a shower and get to bed.  Goodnight! :)

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