Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22

In case you read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite 9-year-old in the whole wide world!!!!!!!! :)  Tried calling you this morning and again just a few minutes ago, but realized you all are still out at Summit probably having lots of fun without me. :(  Just don't kill yourself on a snow machine or sled or something. lol  Anyway, I'll try to call tomorrow. :)

Now, to my day.  Got to sleep in until 9:00. :)  Then went over to Ryan's aunt's house for breakfast at 10:00.  They just got back from Thailand, so it was good to see them again.  And it was a really good waffle breakfast, too. :)  Then I came back and worked on homework for the rest of the day.  I have a speech in class tomorrow and I still have no idea what I'm saying...  I've written quite a bit down but I'm still not happy with any of it.  So hopefully inspiration strikes me in the morning.  At least it's only a 2-3 minute speech, but still...

At 5 we had choir rehearsal.  This was our first rehearsal with the full orchestra for the concert Tuesday night.  It is going to be amazing!  So if you're inclined, you can actually listen to the concert on April 29 at 4 PM Eastern at  It's the Rumsey Oratorio.

After that, at 8:00, we had the Strawberry Festival.  It was a movie documenting the year here at Southern.  It was very well done!  I sure hope I can get it on DVD so I can show it to you all...

Anyway, I'm off to bed now.  So goodnight! :)

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