Saturday, April 21, 2012


Wow, today has been a lot of fun!  Went to Chatt. First for church as usual, then Eric and I went over to Donesky's house for lunch and the afternoon.  We had lasagna for lunch, then we went outside and had a bonfire and shot BB guns. lol  It was pretty epic.  Then I had to meet at the church at 6:15 for Evensong.  The choir sang for it tonight...  So that was at 7:30.  At 9:00 we had the last Studio 4109 event in the cafeteria.  It was the only one I made it to all semester, but it was so funny!  It's like the comedy/music show that happens once a month.  Dr. Beitz was the host.  Yeah, and they had free pizza and drinks and stuff. :)  But anyway, now I'm off to bed, so goodnight! :)

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