Wednesday, April 4, 2012


For some reason I've been thinking all day that today was Thursday.  But it was Wednesday.  And it didn't seem very productive to me.  No homework done...  But it was a good day anyway.  Sorry about not posting anything last night.  I didn't get to bed unit 12:30 or so and I was so exhausted I just plain forgot.  Yesterday was all homework.  Yeah, typical Tuesday.  This morning I was back up at 6:30 to try to memorize the vocabulary words for Hebrew at 8:00, then I went to the SALT breakfast at 7:00.  Then Hebrew.  Then I cleaned my room and organized my drawers and folded my laundry and stuff until Fitness for Life at 11:00.  Yeah, that killed me.  I had to run 2.2 miles on the biology trails.  I did it in 17:59 though!  I was impressed. :)  I think I'm getting much better than I used to be.  And I signed up for the 5K run that's in a couple of weeks.  I get 25 extra points for that. :)  Anyway, after lunch Seth and I played racquet ball with Katie and Amy for awhile, then I did some outreach before prayer meeting.  Then Katie and I did a Bible study and I'm back in my room now exhausted.  So goodnight all! :)

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