Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Sabbath!

Wow, long day!  But an epic one! (I don't think I've used that word for awhile, so I should be able to use it again. =P)  Anyway, last vocab quiz in Hebrew 2!!!  Then I had the rest of the day to work on homework and pay the VISA bill and stuff before choir rehearsal at 3:00.  And that was the closest I've come to fainting in my entire life.  I hadn't eaten lunch because I was planning on eating at 5 when the cafe opened.  But the heat of the lights and being up front in the church during dress rehearsal really bothered me.  I started feeling dizzy, I couldn't even sing, and then I started sweating profusely, but when I felt my skin it felt like a refrigerator.  Yeah, not good.  So I had to stumble off stage in the middle of one of the songs and get some water and lay down for a bit...  But I made it through rehearsal.

This evening we had vespers out at the Goliath Wall and it was a concert by different students.  It was amazing!!!  And the last song totally blew me away.  It was a girl singing "In the Name of the Lord".  As soon as I heard what she was singing, I was like "This is either going to be really good or really horrible."  But she totally did that song amazingly!!!  Nearly as good as Sandi Patty herself!  Yeah, I was totally impressed...  But anyway, then a bunch of us went for a walk on the Greenway.  That was a lot of fun, but we had to rush back in time for curfew at 11:15. lol  But now I'm off to bed, so goodnight! :)

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