Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday night

Well, today has been long but really good.  Hebrew this morning, then I had my speech in speech class.  Well, actually that was after Fitness for Life where we had our post assessment with sit-ups and push-ups and height and weight and stuff.  Yeah, that wore me out.  Then I had my speech.  It went better than I was fearing.  After that, I stood at the SALT table that we set up in the student center for an hour before grabbing a sandwich and rushing off to meet with the pastor.  At 5:00 I had choir rehearsal again.  Boy, I still can't make it through the third and fifth movements of that piece without choking up!  And it's kind of hard to sing when you're that way. =P  Anyway, that got over at 7, so then I picked up Julie and we went to Louise's house for a Bible study.  Julie and Travis were the ones who knocked on her door back during the Summer of Evangelism, so it was nice to get them back together again. :)  Anyway, finished that and got back around 9:30, then I grabbed something to eat, visited with Eric and Seth for a bit, called home, and now I'm off to bed!  So goodnight! :)

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