Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday night

Or rather, that should be Wednesday morning.  Because it just passed midnight as I sat here.  Oh well, today has been crazy.  But I got everything done!  I'm jumping ahead of myself though.  This morning was spent working on homework.  Yeah, that seems to be all I do anymore.  I had to get the homework done for Presentation Technology and finish up the book report.  After I had eaten breakfast and led song service.  Oh yeah, and I stopped by Dr. Klingbeil's office because his grader had marked me off by two points on my grammar quiz because I had mixed two of the verb forms up.  Or rather, they had.  I did it in the order the book had them in and didn't pay attention to the order they had it on the paper.  So I asked Dr. Klingbeil about it and he was very merciful and gave me the 100% score.  So I don't have to retake it!!!  That made my day. :)  Anyway, then I had class until 3:00 (Dr. Samaan let us out 15 minutes early because he wasn't feeling well) and then I played racquet ball with Eric for a half hour.  It's probably a good thing that I'm taking Fitness for Life and have to exercise every day, otherwise I probably would not do it. =P  Anyway, after that, Seth, Eric, and I did our computer concepts test and I finally got the homework done for that class as well.  Then I rushed out the door to follow up a couple of contacts and give a Bible study (which went well) before coming back and tackling Web Development homework.  We're trying to learn CSS and it's kind of confusing, but finally after an hour and a half I got that done.  Just in time to go to the 10:00 worship where a guy from Little Light Studios was here talking about the dangers of super heroes and other Hollywood things.  I always enjoy hearing them talk.  But that went for over an hour, so we were late for night check, but thankfully they worked all that out and it didn't effect any of us. =P  So all I had left to do was to do the quiz online for Web Development before 11:55, which I accomplished, and then I helped Seth do his homework so he could get it done in time.  So yeah, now I'm dropping into bed exhausted, ready to be back at it again at 6:30 because I have a SALT worship/breakfast thing at 7:00.  And Hebrew at 8:00.  And a speech that I need to do research for and get written for Friday.  And the list just continues to go on and on...  So yeah, goodnight!!! :)

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