Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today I feel like I've just driven most of the time.  It started with taking one of our contacts to the food bank to get some groceries.  Joe is out of town, of course, so that was left to me.  So that took a couple of hours.  I ate lunch after that (OK, it doubled as breakfast...) with Eric, Kayla, and Brent.  Then I worked some on homework before I took Kayla and Dara to Walmart and then over to Smith's house to ride horses. (and yes, Mom, they gave me gas money. =P)  While they were doing that, I got the powerpoint nearly done for Sabbath School and prepared for the Bible study I had tonight.  I picked up LisaMarie this evening and we went to Ary's house and gave her a Bible study.  I hadn't given her one since September, so it was really nice to finally start those up again.  After getting back to the dorm, DeWayne and Eric came over and we watched "National Treasure 2".  That was quite the movie!  Reminded me a lot of a Jonathan Park episode...  Anyway, then I called Heather and talked for awhile before watching all of Ironic Iconic America again with Seth and Eric.  And now I am off to bed!  So goodnight! :)

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