Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday night

So today was pretty good.  It was the end of the week!!!  Started with a Hebrew test.  Not sure how well I did, but I think I did decent.  Then I kept working on my speech all the way up until 12:00 when I had to give it.  But that went alright as well.  A little bit long, but oh well.  Anyway, I was totally brain dead after that, so I didn't do a whole lot.  Played tennis with Seth and Eric for awhile, then talked with DeWayne and Eric for a little bit.  Then Seth, Eric, and I decided to go see Warhorse.  It was finally in the discount theater here!!!  We were so excited, and this was about the only afternoon I actually was free to go see it.  That was one incredible film...  One of my new favorites.  Ugh, like the latest one usually is. =P  Anyway, we made it back just in time to get to the vespers we had tonight at the start of the Evangelism Bootcamp.  Dr. King gave a devotional thought, which was really good.  And it was neat meeting the other people going to Sierra Leone.  Then we had nachos in the dorm afterwards and I was getting ready for bed, until we ran into Eric and Stefan.  Yeah, they just left our room, so now I'm off to bed.  Goodnight! :)

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