Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today has been quite the day.  A nice break after the last few days though...  Led song service this morning, then worked on homework that was due today.  Convocation was pretty good.  It was Asian emphasis, so a Korean doctor spoke for it.  Then I had classes.  This afternoon I played a couple games of racquet ball with Seth.  I won once then he won once.  Then I did a Bible study and dropped off a couple more studies by people.  After that, I worked on my assignment that's due in speech class tomorrow as well as practicing the paradigm I'm supposed to replicate in Hebrew class in the morning.  See the picture below. lol  Anyway, then we had our first mentor meeting at 9:00.  I'm looking forward to being a Southern Mentor next semester...  But now I'm off to bed.  Boy am I tired...  Someday I might catch up on sleep!  Hopefully...  Goodnight! :)

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