Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today has been a long day.  So much has happened!  Got up and met in the gym at 7:00 this morning to get ready for Community Service day.  After a small breakfast and worship, we went in our different groups to different places.  My Southern Connections class went to this little church and helped them clean out a storage room they're turning into an office for the pastor as well as just clean the whole church.  Then I spent some time with Lisamarie walking around campus figuring out where classes are going to be and stuff.  After that, I worked on cleaning up our room for awhile before going to the Organizational Showcase in the gym.  I wore my SALT shirt and stood at the booth for awhile.  Then I rushed off for prayer meeting.  They started the suppers at the church before prayer meeting again tonight!  So I'm happy about that. :)  Anyway, after prayer meeting, Lisamarie and I stopped by the Religion building and caught the tail end of the new SALT class's orientation and met some of the students.  And at 10:00 we had returning student orientation here in the dorm...  That's over though and now I'm off to bed!  Goodnight! :)

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