Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28

So yesterday and today have been super busy.  I've had mentor stuff to do, and also running my brother around.  He bought a new car!  It's a really nice '96 Ford Mustang.  And then it somehow got a screw in the water pump, causing us to have to replace that...  So we've spent a lot of time under the hood of that car in the last two days.

This morning all of us mentors met and did a bunch of team building exercises.  That was tons of fun!  I think my favorite one was where a person would stand in the middle of this circle of people and close his eyes and put his hands across his chest, then he would just fall any direction and let the circle of people push him around.  It was so relaxing to be in the middle!  Anyway, tons of fun.

This afternoon was spent working on Seth's car and getting it finished up and then I took a walk with Lisamarie and visited with her awhile.  I hadn't seen her since Sunday!  She and Stefan came back from vacation late last night, but I hadn't had any time until about 9:00 tonight. :(

Anyway, I'm super tired, so I will say goodnight! :)

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