Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have my car back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wait, that was supposed to go near the end of this post, but I'm way too excited about it to put it down there! lol

Today I spent in class.  At least this morning...  And I had a vocab quiz.  I missed 3...  It's still passing though...  Then I dropped by Heldzingers' briefly to grab a bite to eat before staff meeting at 2:00.  After staff meeting, I had a study with Louise.  Then I came back to campus and played a couple of games of racquet ball with Andrew.  That was fun.  Then I went back over to Heldzingers' where I finished up my homework.  Then Dr. and Mrs. Heldzinger and Lisamarie finally got back home!  They had left after lunch to take one of their cars up to the shop and pick up mine.  But I think Dr. Heldzinger was having too much fun with my car to come home too early. =P  And they had shopping to do and stuff... lol

Oh, and I got my grade for Hebrew 3!  It is without the midterm test, but up until the test I have a 97.8%.  So that made me happy.  I wonder how far it will drop once they finish grading the tests...

Anyway, I'm off to bed now.  Goodnight! :)

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