Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Sabbath!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday.  Life has been crazy this week!  But thank God I survived! :)  Yesterday was spent with school, homework, and Bible Studies.  Then today I was free!  I was hoping to get more homework done, but that ended up not happening...  I went with the pastor this morning to visit one of my Bible study contacts for awhile.  That went well.  Then I did a couple of things before coming over to Heldzingers' house.  I worked a little on the computer, then when Lisamarie got home from class, we all went to eat at a Chinese buffet, the Hibachi Grill.  It was really good. :)  This afternoon we cleaned the house, then Lisamarie and I went on a long walk.  We were nearly heading back home when Lisamarie asked if I had been to Dr. Tryon's house.  He lives right near Heldzingers, so we walked to his house and ended up visiting with them for probably close to an hour! lol

This evening we spent visiting and singing.  I played my trombone for awhile again.  Then we had worship and now I'm off to bed!  I'm spending the weekend over here at their house again. :)  Anyway, goodnight! :)

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