Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today was a really good day. :)  Had class this morning...  Dr. King is so funny!  So it went well.  And then I got my room clean!!!  I had just dumped everything in here when I moved in and hadn't had time to mess with most of it...  So today I finally got things clean!  Then I went over to Heldzingers' place where I ate lunch.  Today was Katie's birthday, so after lunch, Lisamarie, Stefan, and I tracked Katie down and surprised her.  So I have this app on my iPhone called "Find My Friends", where you can follow people and see where they are.  So Katie has the app as well and so I can always just see where she is.  So she skipped out on work this afternoon and I saw she went to the mall.  So we drove to the mall and finally found her.  We waited until she came out of a store, then we met her with cupcakes, a balloon, and a card, then sang her happy birthday. :)  Yeah, she was surprised. =P

Anyway, this evening Lisamarie and I went to prayer meeting.  It was really good.  After we got back to the house, there was a tornado sighting in the area, so we had to go down into the cellar for awhile... But I was still working on homework. lol  Anyway, that passed, and then we just sat at the kitchen table and continued with homework.  And now I'm off to bed!  Have to get up in 5 hours to get 2 more hours of homework done before class.  Because of a meeting Dr. King has, we have to start class an hour earlier tomorrow... Ugh.  Oh well.  Goodnight! :)

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