Monday, August 13, 2012

Crazy Week

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything for 2 nights!  This has been a crazy week so far.  Well, let's see.  Sabbath.  We went to church, ate at Heldzingers' house, then took blankets and chilled in the park for awhile in the afternoon.  We consists of Stefan, Katie, Lisamarie, and I, by the way...  Anyway, then we watched "The Prince of Egypt" in the evening.  It was pretty good. lol  And after that, we went bowling!  It was free for Southern students from 9:30 to 11:30, so we were there on time! lol  Yeah, it was a lot of fun!

Sunday I spent mainly on homework, and taking my car to the shop.  So it is actually done now!  I need to pick it up tomorrow.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. lol  I think that's about all that happened on Sunday, though!  Homework and worked on flashcards...

Today I went to class in the morning, then spent the afternoon at Heldzingers' house working on homework.  And then Lisamarie and I had two Bible studies this afternoon.  And we attempted to pick up my car, but the shop had closed...  Anyway, and then we came back and I continued working on homework and we did flashcards for my Vocab quiz in the morning...

Anyway, and now I'm off to bed!  So goodnight all!

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