Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I had an amazing weekend!  We had a meeting Friday night, then 4 meetings on Sabbath.  Anyway, we got up there in time for some supper on Friday, had our meeting where Dr. Tryon gave us sort of a preview and introduction to the weekend and started telling us a continued story about a man in the Salvation Army.  We then played music and games and stuff until lights out at 10:15.  There were 16 of us guys stuck in the living room and the 4 girls were on the loft above us.  So it was lots of fun.  It reminded me of a bunch of 12-year-olds on a church campout or something. =P  But it was lots of fun.  Sabbath we had a wonderful breakfast (all the meals were amazing!), then a meeting for Sabbath School where we broke into small groups and mapped out the life of a Bible character for 45 minutes.  Then for church we took a whole bunch of little sticky notes and spent an hour and a half by ourselves writing down important events from our lives.  After lunch, some of us went on a hike to find a waterfall.  It was so much fun!  Even when it started pouring down rain before we started back towards the cabin. =P

After the hike, we had our next meeting where we made sense of all of our sticky notes and organized them on pieces of paper.  After that, we had supper.  Pizza and root beer floats. :)  And then we had our final meeting where we finished the story and wrapped up the whole weekend.  Then we packed and left somewhat earlier than we were planning, due to the fog and rain.

Today I actually got quite a bit done!  I got up by 8:00 and worked on homework for awhile until I left for outreach before 1:00.  I did 5 hours of work and got 3 Bible studies scheduled for next week! :)  I am so happy about that!

Then we had a Super Bowl Party at Heldzingers' house.  The game was actually pretty good!  I was so hoping the Patriots would win, but with 30 seconds left on the clock, they dropped the ball 3 times and sealed their fate. :(  Pretty sad.  Anyway, we had lots of fun.  And we watched a Bill Cosbey Show during half time. :)

But now I am back in my room and getting ready for bed.  So goodnight!

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