Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14

Wow, so it is really late, so this will be short.  Today was spent in homework and classes, with outreach, racquet ball, a birthday party, and a phone call with Heather thrown in for good measure. :)  And I got the homework done finally that was due today, and will hopefully get up early enough in the morning to finish my Hebrew homework that's due tomorrow morning...  And then get a good start on the papers that are due the next day...  Anyway, yeah, most of the afternoon was spent in text battles with Katie and Anna. =P  They left cards for Eric, Seth, and I on my car and then vehemently denied having anything to do with it. =P  But I finally squeezed the truth out of them. :)  Anyway, yeah, today has been an interesting day with aspects of Valentine's Day.  I think it was an emotional roller coaster for half the campus. =P  But anyway, I am exhausted, so off to bed I go!  Goodnight! :)

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  1. Ah... You only got the truth because we decided to let you "squeeze" it out :) haha it was fun though :)