Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sarah helped me with song service again this morning.  My voice was having trouble and she said she couldn't sing either, so it made it interesting. =P  But I think she sounded fine and she thought I sounded fine, so maybe we fooled the audience too. :)

After that, Seth and I spent quite a bit of time working on the skit that we are hoping to do for the talent show.  It's a parody of "Who's on First?" by Abbott and Costello.  And I also worked on memorizing the Hebrew verb forms I have to write out tomorrow in Hebrew class.  There are only 24 I think, but still...

I had to give a speech in Presentation Technology class and then we had choir practice.  The song is really starting to sound good!  We are doing the world premier for this piece "Neither Life Nor Death" written by a former Southern student.  It has a lot of weird chords and harmonies in it, but the third movement, which we were working on today, is actually really amazing!  I can't wait until the concert when we'll have full orchestra accompaniment!

In Intro to Ministry class we finally got our IDAK tests back.  That was the career test we took...  So we started going over all the information today and will finish that on Thursday.  Then I had my midterm for Christian Spirituality, which I think went really well.  After that Seth and I practiced some more, and then Katie, Anna, Seth, Eric, and I all went downtown to IHOP because it's national pancake day and they had free pancakes to celebrate!  So those were really good. :)

I then did some door-to-door work before attempting to do a couple of studies, but it didn't work out for the studies so they are rescheduled...  Oh well.

Seth and I had the audition for the talent show tonight.  I don't know how well it went...  I think the judges thought it went better than we thought it went, so we'll see...  And then Eric came into our room and we planned out food and stuff for the backpacking trip we're taking this weekend.  I cannot wait for that!!!  We leave Friday and don't come back until Tuesday!  So yeah, very exciting. :)  Then I just have to work the rest of next week and maybe get ahead on some of the assignments...  Hmm.  Definitely sleep.  And do something epic with the friends that are stuck here on campus.  Oh, and SLEEP!!!  That is something I think I've forgotten about.  But since I just reminded myself, I am thinking it's a very good idea!  So I'm off to bed.  Goodnight! :)

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