Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OK, so I was feeling better last night, but that was before the effect of the cake and brownies I ate had set in. =P  Oh well.  Hopefully tomorrow will find me feeling better again. :)  Today was extremely stressful. Every Tuesday it seems like everything is due, but praise God I just finished the last test and uploaded the last assignment that was due before 11:55 tonight.  And as a bonus, I even got the homework done for Hebrew that's due in the morning.  So yeah, I can go to bed thankful. :)

Oh yeah, so random things I did today besides work my head off with homework was, well, work my head off doing homework! =P  No, I did have a meeting with the Pastor, and talked with Charity for awhile on the phone since it's her birthday.  Hard to believe she's already 14!

But anyway, I am exhausted, so will say goodnight. :)

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