Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm feeling quite happy today. :)  This morning was Hebrew class of course, and I did fine on the Vocab test. :)  Then I worked on web development homework until my Fitness for Life class, then we had speech class.  After that, I ate lunch and met with the pastor for nearly an hour.  Then I went out to visit some contacts that Joe wanted me to visit.  And then I went by Mr. King's house and he was actually home!!!  So I visited with him for awhile and we set up Bible studies on Thursday.  And I went by another of my contacts from last semester and I set up studies again with her on Tuesday nights.  And I went to one of the guys' house that I was supposed to do a study with yesterday and he was home, so we studied Daniel 2 together.  So it was a wonderful afternoon! :)

This evening I took my car into Ledford Hall and Annalisa (with instructor help) balanced the tires on my car during her lab time for auto mechanics.  I've been meaning to get it in to somewhere to do that because they have been getting really bad.  So I was very happy that she was willing to do it. :)  Then I worked on homework and played racquet ball with Seth for a little while.  And now I think I might work on a little more homework or just head to bed...  We'll see.  But for now, goodnight! :)

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