Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today was a somewhat long day, but it was also really nice because it's the end of the week. :)  That makes me SO happy!  I led song service this morning with William.  Then I met with Hannah and Debbie to plan for the "show" we have in speech class tomorrow.  We have demonstration speeches and we were divided up into groups and we have the whole class period for our "show".  Anyway, so we did that, I finished a paper for Dr. Tryon's class, then went to convocation.  Today was just speeches from the people who are running for office in the Student Association.  So that was pretty interesting.  Oh yeah, and I was thinking today that people from your past will always be there to haunt you.  Because I was sitting with Anna Bartlett and Ashley Chism during convo and then I had a class with both Daniel Fukuda and Rebecca Benson today.  As I do every Tuesday and Thursday...  But yeah, it's kind of funny.

After all my classes, I talked with Dr. Parker for a little while about different things I have to do next school wise, then I played racquet ball with Seth for a half hour before rushing off to attempt to give a couple of Bible studies.  Both people weren't home that I attempted to visit, so then I came back, grabbed a piece of pizza from the cafeteria, then went to meet the others in the speech classroom to make sure everything was set up and working for tomorrow.  After that, I rushed back over to Lynnwood Hall for an interview for a student mentor position next semester.  That went pretty well.  I was surprised to see both Kayla and Dara there, so hopefully we all get hired.  That would be fun. :)

Then I played racquet ball with Katie, Sarah, and Amy for another half hour and now I am getting ready to get to bed at a somewhat descent hour!  So goodnight! :)

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