Monday, February 27, 2012


So today was kind of frustrating, but also productive at the same time.  This afternoon right after lunch I had to go to the church to meet with the Pastor for awhile.  Then I was hoping to get some outreach time in, but after that Seth had to use my car, then it was going into the shop to get the tires rotated and the air pressure checked and stuff.  It's so wonderful having a friend that can work on your car during their auto mechanics lab time. :)  But anyway, there wasn't enough time between those two to do anything, so I was stuck here.  I played tennis with Eric and Sarah Chang which was a lot of fun!  It's been so long since I played that it took me awhile to get back any skill I once had, but I was starting to do decent after we had played for an hour and a half.  Then I came back to the room and worked on some stuff before Seth went to bed at like 5:30 because he has to work at midnight.  So I went and took my car into the shop, then went to the science building and did the homework that's due in Presentation Technology class tomorrow, then went to the library and read a couple more chapters in the book that I need to have a report written on by Thursday.  After that, Seth woke up for a little bit and we spent some time working on the skit we're wanting to do for the talent show.  Auditions are tomorrow night and they are going to be weeding 44 people down to 10 - 12.  So yeah, we'll see what happens.  Oh yeah, and I found out that I got the role of John in the SonRise pageant, so that adds another thing to my plate.  Yes, I seriously think I'm crazy right about now. =P  But anyway, I'm off to bed, so goodnight! :)

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  1. :P I can agreed on the Crazy theory... But in all seriousness you might want to consider taking some things off this plate before it cracks or gives your indigestion... :)