Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So today was pretty good.  Found out I got 88% on my test, instead of 87%.  They changed the grading since everyone did so bad, so it brought everyone's grade up.  Especially for those who didn't do so well...  Anyway, I worked on the Sabbath School for this Sabbath for awhile this morning.  And then this afternoon I did a whole bunch of door-to-door work.  So that was good.  Then I met with the pastor for awhile this evening, then worked on topics for the SS class, then ate supper and had a Bible study with Brian during prayer meeting.  Then after getting back to my room, Seth, Eric, Tyler and I all watched Toy Story 3.  I think it's my favorite one yet. :)  I had seen half of it last semester, but this time I saw the whole thing and really enjoyed it.

But anyway, I'm off to bed now.  Goodnight! :)

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