Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Wow.  Quite the day.  It started with breakfast, then worship, where I led song service.  After that, I rushed over to the Religion Department for Hebrew Lab.  I was so tired and lost and confused...  I'm seriously worried about Hebrew this semester...  It's been way too long since I last did anything with it!  But at least I can still read it just fine.  A couple of the people can't really read it anymore after break, so I'm glad that didn't happen to me...  It's just knowing what I'm reading. =P

Anyway, after that, I did the homework for my class in PowerPoint.  I have to use the school's computer lab, because you have to do it on a PC.  So I used one of the labs in the science building.  It was nice, because I was able to just concentrate on homework and not get distracted with Facebook and things. =P

After that, my marathon of classes started.  Presentation Technology at 11, choir at 12, Intro to Ministry at 1, and Christian Spirituality at 2.  So I wasn't out until 3:15, then I ran over to the Campus Kitchen to eat some lunch.  I was pretty hungry.  But then I had to buckle down to homework again.  I'm telling you, it never ends!!!  And then we had a SALT meeting at 6:30 tonight, sort of planning for an ongoing training thing / accountability program for all of us graduates.  So that was really nice.  Sitting back in our old classroom brought back so many memories...  Eric said we should just sit there and cry. =P

Katie just started taking Racquet Ball as one of her classes, so she needs to get a set amount of practice in a week.  So we went over to the gym and played that for a little over a half hour.  That worked for me too, because I have to log amounts of exercise for Fitness for Life, so that was nice. :)

Anyway, I need to get to bed.  We have a test in Hebrew in the morning.  It will have the alphabet on it, as well as one of the two paradigms we had to memorize.  Plus a general review of Hebrew 1.  So yeah, I'm really stressed out about it!!!  So goodnight!

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