Sunday, January 22, 2012


So today I got quite a bit accomplished. I got up a little before nine and started straight into homework. I got everything done for tomorrow and started working on stuff for Tuesday. :) Then Kayla and I worked on Hebrew for an hour and a half or so. I guess it was closer to two hours, but we ate lunch somewhere in the middle of that. After that, my brain was totally fried. So DeWayne, Seth and I played racquet ball for an hour. Boy did that wear me out! So then I was jus plain exhausted. :p So I just called home and then FaceTimed Heidi for awhile, then Seth and I watched an episode of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon off of YouTube and then got ready for bed. Oh yeah, and then we listened to the latest episode of the Temptation Busters as well.

Anyway, I'm in bed now, so I will say goodnight! :)

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