Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So today was pretty good.  Went to the prayer group at 7:00, then went to breakfast.  Hebrew class was supposed to be at 8:00, but we found out when we got up there that it was canceled due to Dr. Klingbeil being sick.  So that was kind of frustrating.  Starting the semester of Hebrew late. :(  Oh well.  So I was free until 11:00, when I had my first Fitness for Life class.  And then there was Intro to Public Speaking.  And I am SO happy!  I know at least one person in every single class I'm taking!  That makes things SO much easier!

Anyway, this afternoon I faced my fears.  DeWayne drug me into the gym and we lifted weights and things for over an hour.  Yeah, a place I promised myself I would never go.  Oh well.  It wasn't so bad.

Then we had the Daniel study tonight.  There was a special guest speaker from the Idaho Conference and he talked about Daniel 11 for 3 hours.  Boy was it interesting!  This is the first time I've actually heard that prophecy explained in a way that actually made sense!  Everyone always avoids that chapter because no one has any idea what it means!  But he showed how Islam fits so perfectly into this prophecy.  So anyway, that was really good.

Now I'm off to sleep!  Hope you all have a great night!

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