Sunday, January 15, 2012


So today was kind of random.  I woke up at about 9:15 this morning, but we didn't get up until nearly 10:00. =P  It sure felt good to sleep, though. :)  Anyway, we went to breakfast, then came back to the room and worked on homework.  I got the section of the IDAK Career Match test done that's due on Tuesday.  Then a whole bunch of us went and watched Courageous again.  Since it comes out on DVD Tuesday, this was the last opportunity we'd have to watch it in the discount theater.  So Eric, Katie, Annalisa, Seth, DeWayne, Amir, Stefan, LisaMarie, and I all went to see it at 1:20.  It was the first time for Annalisa, Seth, and Amir...  Anyway, it was SO good!!!  I liked it even better the second time around!  The movie just does not have a Sherwood feel to it, but it is still so incredible!  And as of right now, it is most definitely my favorite Sherwood film.  It's constantly switching between humor and sadness.  There are times when you are laughing so hard you can hardly breathe, and then thirty seconds later you have tears rolling down your face because it's so sad!  And then it jumps the other direction again!  Yeah, anyway, definitely one of my favorites. :)

At 5:00 we went over to Heldzingers' house for a planning committee.  See, yesterday Katie, Annalisa, Seth, Eric, and I all brought a change of clothes to church, so we could go straight out to Sunset Rock.  But Heldzingers hadn't, so Stefan decided we need to plan some things ahead. =P  So we wrote down a whole bunch of things we want to do and started planning our Sabbaths and Sundays in advance. :)  Next week we're going to go on a picnic to Lookout Mountain if it's good weather, otherwise we'll just hang out at Heldzingers' and play games.  And then in the evening is the welcome back party for Southern, so we decided we'd go to that.  We even created a group on Facebook so we can keep up with all of this. =P  And we'll elect officers later.  Yep, we're an official club. lol

Anyway, Seth and I played tennis for nearly an hour this evening as well.  That was cold, but fun.  And now I'm getting ready to go to bed somewhat early!  So goodnight! :)

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