Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Sabbath!

Today I didn't get any homework done...  Oh well.  That's how all my Friday's have been.  I can never concentrate enough to do any.  But it was a beautiful day!  Well, between Hebrew and Speech class this morning, I played DeWayne at racquet ball.  He beat me 15 to 8 the first game, but the second game it was 18 to 16!  So at least I gave stiffer resistance and made him work at it. =P  Anyway, then after lunch I got a couple of things accomplished, then played Ultimate Frisbee for a while.  That was so nice!  And then I had to quickly change and take a shower and get over to the church for a meeting with the pastor.  Then I went over to Joe's house for supper and a study on Daniel 10, then we had vespers at the church.  It was student missions emphasis, which was really good.

Anyway, I need to get to bed.  Tomorrow's a big day!  Goodnight! :)

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