Thursday, January 26, 2012


Boy, I have two blog posts swirling around in my head that I want to post on my normal blog, but I just haven't had the time!  Maybe tomorrow...  But tonight especially, I feel like Bible Work could be more accurately called emergency response work.  Joe and I took one of his Bible study contacts to see the film Forks Over Knives (that's a great film if you haven't seen it!  I highly recommend it!).  Now, she is so ripe.  She wants to come to church this Sabbath, which is so exciting!  But she knows she needs to quit smoking, and she's out of cigarettes at the moment (has been since last night), so she was saying tonight will be a huge struggle.  She was telling me that she needs Bible verses to help her quit.  And so Joe promised to send her some promises tonight via email.  As soon as we had dropped her off, he pulled out his cell phone, called Michelle, and was asking about the 5-minute plan to victory that we had gone over in SALT.  The whole conversation had the tone of some emergency call of the FBI or something.  Michelle was going to try to scan it in and email it to Joe as soon as she had gotten home and he would email the contact as well as maybe give her a call or something.  And then we just pray!

Anyway, besides that my day went pretty well.  Homework this morning and lots of classes and choir.  Oh, and convocation was amazing!  There were two people, a woman who had been raped when she was in college and how she ended up sentencing the wrong person.  She thought she had picked the right one, but after 11 years they did DNA testing and found it was someone else.  So it was a story about how she was able to forgive him and how he was able to forgive her.  And so they both were here to tell their story.  Pretty incredible!

Anyway, now I NEED to get to bed.  I am so tired - have been all day!  So goodnight!


  1. You know what, I'm sure that the work of a bible worker is a lot like the FBI - Finding Beings (who are) Interested.