Saturday, January 28, 2012


What a Sabbath this has been!  I actually got up at a decent time this morning, so I was able to answer a the emails in my inbox and stuff.  So I am all caught up on emails!  And then I took Katie, Ryan, and DeWayne to Chatt First for church.  The Collegiate Sabbath School was really packed today!  We had chairs all the way around the wall and then we had people sitting on the table in the middle of the small room.  So we're moving to the Fellowship Hall next week. :)

After church, I got a couple of sandwiches at the cafeteria, then a whole bunch of us went on a hike up to Signal Mountain.  It is SO beautiful up there!!!!!!!  I really enjoyed the hike.  Then Seth, Eric, Katie, and I rushed back to Heldzingers' place to watch Ruth.  We started that at 6:00 and Julie and Mindy came too, as well as two other girls that I didn't know...  That got done by about 8:15, then we went into Chattanooga and went bowling.  Southern had rented the bowling alley from 8:00 to 10:00, so it was free. :)  That was so much fun!!!!!!  I can't wait to do it again. :)

After that, we went over to Sonic and got some flurries, and now we're back in the dorm.  Their showing Courageous tonight for the midnight movie, so I think Eric, Seth, and I are planning on going to that.  Although I'm not positive I'll stay up for the whole thing...  I have to get up early and finish homework in the morning before going over to Jordan's house, a concert, and a SALT meeting tomorrow.  Yes, my life is CRAZY!!!!!!

Anyway, goodnight!

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