Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday night

Just a short note tonight.  It's late and I'm super tired.  This morning I started going through footage from Africa, which was exciting! :)  And then I finished up the last few things that needed changed in the play video and got the final one exported.  So the play is officially done!  As soon as I burn it... lol  Anyway, and then I had Staff Meeting at the church.  And a Bible study at UTC that Lisamarie and I did.  After we got back from that, we FaceTimed Seth for awhile, then I went over to the Fire Station and played soccer for awhile.  Yeah, I'm out of shape! lol  But it was a lot of fun!  And then we went over to get Frozen Yogurt, so I picked Stefan up for that.  Lisamarie has a test in the morning, so she had to stay home and study. :/  Anyway, now I'm off to bed!  So have a great night!

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