Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday night

So I feel really bad.  I haven't posted anything for several days now!  Life has been crazy.  Sabbath evening we had a pool party at Heldzingers' house.  That was a lot of fun!  It was dark and we turned the pool lights on. :)  It was slightly chilly, but that's alright.  Then we played games inside as well.

Sunday was the Health Expo at the church.  So that's what I was doing all afternoon.  I was in charge of the computer table.  We basically plugged a bunch of information into a computer and it calculated their health age.  Anyway, it was a success I think.  Quite a few people came out for it.

Today was spent in classes and homework.  And working on my car.  A hose broke going to the radiator on Friday...  Yeah, another long story.  But I'm trying to get that fixed.  Got the radiator taken out this afternoon and just waiting on parts to get here...  Then I had a Bible study and tonight we had our mentor's meeting.  Then Seth and I have been throwing around ideas for this promotional video he's supposed to filming tomorrow.  So yeah, now I'm going to try to head to bed.  Goodnight! :)

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