Friday, May 4, 2012

Last post

Well, this is the last post on here - at least, the last regular post.  I've written nearly every night ever since school started last fall, but I'm afraid recently some of the posts have been slightly boring.  So from now on, I'll just post something when I have something really exciting to talk about. :)  In the meantime, make sure and follow my mission trip blog, as well as my regular blog,

As far as what has happened over the last day or two.  Thursday morning was spent frantically packing and getting ready to head to the airport.  Deborah, Seth, and I all went down on the same shuttle and ate supper in the Atlanta airport before Seth and I boarded our flight for Seattle.

The flights went well and we landed in Fairbanks at 1:30 this morning (5:30 Eastern time...) where we met Mom and Charity.  We stayed at Eielson for the rest of the night, then came home today. :)  It's so nice to be home!  But anyway, I'm off to bed now.  Have a great night! :)

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